Retinal imaging camera at Craven & Murray




At Craven & Murray Opticians we are dedicated to providing you with the highest standards of eye care available. As an example of our commitment in this area, we recently purchased a new digital retinal camera, which allows us to take photographs of the back surface of your eye, the retina.

Retinal imaging in Rochdale

With an image taking just seconds to capture through lash photography, nothing touches the eye at any point, resulting in a comfortable procedure capable of recording the smallest detail.


Benefits of retinal photography include the storing of a permanent and accurate record of your eye condition, allowing improved detection of early changes by comparing current images to previous ones.

Through retinal photography, you can see what we see, including changes too small to be picked up using traditional methods, thanks to high levels of magnification. From here, accurate judgements can be made about possible specialist referrals; images can be altered to enhance specific areas, and can even be incorporated into letters and reports, giving the recipient an instant understanding of the issues involved. Although the standard NHS fee does not cover this imaging, we charge just an extra £10 for retinal photography.