Low Vision Service

10 Nov Low vision service

At Craven & Murray we welcome patients old or new for low vision assessments. Our private assessments are carried out by our very own dispensing Optician Joan Ludlam following an up to date eye examination. Regardless of whether you are registered partially sighted, sight impaired or newly diagnosed with a condition causing low vision the consultation will prove beneficial.

Low Vision ServiceThe private assessment can last up to an hour and during this time we will discuss any vision related problems and demonstrate the benefits of lighting and magnification as well as other specialist equipment.

There are an increasing number of elderley patients being diagnosed with age related macular degeneration and other similar conditions.  Whilst many patients come to appointments asking the optician for simply stronger lenses unfortunately there are times when the Optometrist isn’t able to prescribe stronger lenses into the spectacle frame. At this point a low vision assessment could help to provide you with an alternative way to cope with the problem.

Our aim at Craven & Murray is to offer a comprehensive private low vision assessment and access to any specialist clinics. Whatever the outcome of the assessment we always guarantee our continued support and advice.

Private low vision assessments are £30. Contact the practice on 01706 641 138 to make an appointment.