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Maui Jim sunglasses are high quality sunglasses frames with unique polarised plus technology that mean you see clearly in the brightest sunshine conditions.
Maui Jim sunglasses, Sunglasses frames
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Maui Jim Sunglasses




With a famous tradition of comfort and maximum protection, Maui Jim sunglasses lenses are well renowned. Maui Jim’s patented “Polarized Plus” sunglasses lenses mean a durable sun glasses line – fashionable enough for everyday wear. Maui Jim sunglasses frames – most commonly sculpted from monel, acetate or nylon, are famous the world over.


Sunglasses obviously need to be high quality, and Maui Jim sunglasses are also well respected for durability and – importantly – comfort. Craven & Murray are proud stockists of yet another fine range of designer sunglasses.


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Maui Jim Aviator Sunglasses