19 Dec – Craven & Murray’s Christmas Quiz

With less than 1 week til the big day, can you ace our Christmas quiz? 👀 The answers are below, but no cheating!

1. What do you call the coloured part of your eye?

2. How many eyes does a bee have?

3. The largest eye in the animal kingdom is 27cm, and belongs to an invertebrate. Which animal is it?

4. Which famous singer has a blue left eye and a right eye that can appear brown or green depending on the light?

5. How big is the eyeball?

6. True or false; only boys can be colour blind.

7. What percent of the world population have brown eyes:
a. 81%
b. 79%
c. 63%












1. Iris
2. 5
3. Giant Squid
4. David Bowie
5. Slightly smaller than a ball of bubblegum
6. False
7.  b. 79%